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Beitrag 241: All of me, online

Audio- und Videobeitrag: ,,all of me, online" 

Beschreibung: Mit unserem Video und selbstgeschreibenen Song erzählen wir die Geschichte eines Mädchens, welches zum Opfer von Internetmobbing wird und mit der Zeit lernt, damit zurecht zu kommen. Unser Beitrag hat zwei Mesages: Einmal an die sogenannten "Hater", damit sie sehen, was sie mit ihrem Mobbing einer Person anrichten können. Und an die Betroffenen, um denen zu zeigen, wie sie darüber denken und selbst damit zurechtkommen sollen.

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Beitrag 216: International youth organisation (IYO)

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Beitrag 235: Die Macht der Anonymität

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Beitrag 228: How many likes is my life worth

The intention of our story was that you have to look like a special person who was created by Social Media. You have to look like famous influencers and wear the same clothes, no matter how expensive they are, to become successful and get lots of likes.

So you spend more and more time to be like others and try to be like what others think is perfect or beautiful. Social Media does not accept diversity. For example, nearly no one will follow you or like your pictures if you wear clothes which are old and nobody else wears.

We have not got enough space to show all different ways of diversity. You can have any skin colour and weight does not matter. You can act the way you want and your origin is not important.

Dear Social Media users,

you have to learn to appreciate diversity.

Otherwise it will be boring and everyone might loose his or her own personality.

Dear Social Media users,

stop judging people just looking at likes.

They can not show your personality and just show what you seem to be.

Dear Social Media users,

stop wasting your time with trying to be like someone else.

Dear Social Media users,


never forget that likes are not everything!